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Thursday, May 17, 2012

E. M. Forster says....

At night, when the curtains are drawn and the fire flickers,
my books attain a collective dignity.

Mystical ambiance

Anything that looks mystical to me, is always a
welcome experience. Anything that shares a shade
of something unknown is a mental challenge.

I would love to stay in this kind of ambiance.


A beautiful curtain cannot conceal the real story
inside the house. It may provide a temporary elegant
facade, but sooner or later, the whole truth will show.

~Princess Maleiha B. Candao

Grandma's water pitcher

A water pitcher from my late mother, Bai Saada Bajunaid
Candao, which she had inherited from my late maternal
grandmother, Hadja Bai Pinayungan Kapal.

This was made in Japan and still very sturdy. No cracks at
all. I am no longer using it but on display at my kitchen as
a souvenir.


Books and a magazine

Books from my dearest friends well-kept in my
display glass cabinet. One magazine from AIM
and free copies which published my brief notes
in 2010.

Thank you dearies. :)


Optical fibre

An optical fibre.

A gift from a relative. I love to switch this on
during the night. The changing colors with
the music played on is amazing.

Simple happiness from simple things. :)



My brother. Datu Ma-arouph, always brings me
perfume when he comes home from an out of town
trip. He knows I collect them and keep them in my
glass cabinet.

It is the thought that counts for me.It is the scent
that lingers beyond time and space.


In a Jar

Keeping memories in a jar is a sweet thoughtful act.
Anything that reminds us of a beautiful past should
never be thrown away.


There is something about candles that captivate me.
Whether they are placed inside the bedroom or outside
the garden, they are just too mystical to resist.

There is the calling of serenity and peace for every
candle lit. There is a blend of human soul and nature
in the middle of the dark that is magnificently


A spot to remember

Different spots in one's home has a special place in the home owner's heart. Soulful home owners dedicate a special space for a past memory. This is how I treasure every sweet memory I have in life.


In the middle of the earth, where men would not dare to dwell,
there lies the quietness of our being.

Amidst the noise and confusion, where man prides himself
with his conflict with other men...the quietness is best felt
when everywhere is nothing but noise.

Silence is the best way to understand the mind and listen
to the song of the soul. ~ Princess Maleiha B. Candao

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